Savour The Rich Taste Of Tija Ice Creams

“ Treat yourself to a longer lasting happiness available in delightful flavours – Softy Cones, Choco Bars, Scoop Cups, Choco Crunchy Bar, Orange Bars and Mango Dolly. Grab and bless your taste buds with its rich quality and scrumptious taste.”

Welcome To Tija Coffee Shop

Enjoy the taste of summer

To delight your winter's with hot coffee and summer's with wide range of ice creams, we at Tija ​House​ offer best coffee and ice cream at the busiest corner site ​of Alwar. Our first aim at ​​Tija ​House ​is ​h​igh ​q​uality ​i​ngredients, ​r​ight ​p​ricing and ​c​ustomer ​d​elight. ​ Tija ​House is driven by love for people and a passion for community around delicious ​c​ounter ​c​ulture coffee, ​yummy ​food and ​refreshing ​beverage. We use fresh ingredients and ​u​ltra modern technology plant equipped to churn out premium range of ice-creams with unique delectable variants. ​W​e offers ​I​ce cream​s​, ​Hot & Cold Coffee​, ​Sundaes​, D​ahi vada, Soda, Thickshakes, Lassi etc.

tija chocobar icecream
tija coffee sundaes
tija ice cream closeup
tija ice cream Softicecream

WhaT'LL iT Be? fiNe CoFfEeS?

COOl MerChanDisE?

"This natural sweetness makes
cold-brews perfect for adding cream to.
With a wide range of Although you might
not think of milk sweet.”

Our Outlets & Packing Service

Enjoy the taste of summer

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Our Branches In Alwar

Three Tija Coffee & Ice Cream stores in Alwar to experience what we call the ultimate coffee and Ice Cream experience.

Free Packing For Home

Come, Order and takeaway with free packing services and enjoy Tija's delicious product like Ice cream, Coffee, Thick shakes and Lassi.